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Holiday Closures

This is a quick update on our upcoming holiday closures for 2017. Our office will be closed on the following dates: November 23rd, and 24th December 22nd, and 25th For more information on closures please call our office at 610.275.4700

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CO2 Quality. Fiber Speed. DDL Lasers

Fox Machinery invites you to a special presentation by Al Bolden, President of Mazak Optonics USA. Join us Thursday September 28th at 10:30AM in the Press Room Dining Room at Heinz Field.  Learn about the latest breakthrough technology for laser, DDL (Direct Diode Laser) only offer by Mazak. Stick around and enjoy lunch in the … Continue reading CO2 Quality. Fiber Speed. DDL Lasers

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Latest DAVI Installation: Holtec

Our goal as Fox Machinery is to assist our customers in making the best decisions for their company. Holtec made huge strides towards greater profits this past week with their recent addition of two separate metal rolls. The first a DAVI MAV 9-3/4” x 13’ roll, and another DAVI MAV 1-5/8″x21′. Fully programmable to maximize … Continue reading Latest DAVI Installation: Holtec

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Euromac’s 30th Anniversary

30 Year Anniversary This month marks the 30th anniversary for Euromac. For the past 30 years Euromac has been dedicated to delivering quality machinery to streamline fabrication, and move all production in house. Click on the link below to watch a video celebrating the last 30 years! Our question to you, how would a Euromac … Continue reading Euromac’s 30th Anniversary

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Timesavers: Brushing Up

Our goal here at Fox Machinery is to save you time, money, and improve the way your company operates. When we think about saving time and money, one of the manufacturers we think of is Timesavers. Included in this post is an article titled “Brushing Up”, which showcases multiple success stories for Timesavers customers. Read … Continue reading Timesavers: Brushing Up

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Direct Diode Laser Technology

During FABTECH 2016, Mazak Optonics introduced the Direct Diode Laser. Technology that will revolutionize the industry through increased work speeds, and efficiencies. Below is a link to an article from Mazak describing how the technology works, and the benefits your company can experience from Direct Diode Technology. https://www.mazakoptonics.com/news-events/blog/what-is-direct-diode-laser-technology/  

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