Whitney 657 Punch Plasma Combo

  • High Quality Fabricated Parts are produced by using punching technology for accurate internal holes, and the latest plasma cutting technology for well-defined, clean external features.
  • True Flexibility is achieved with an open throat design, repositioning cylinders for long parts, parametric shape library for fast set-ups, and forming capability for producing countersinks, tread plate, louvers, and many other features that are not possible on standalone laser or plasma-cutting machines.
  • High Levels of Productivity can be attained because punching is faster than piercing and cutting holes; and plasma cutting is faster than laser and waterjet cutting.
  • Affordable Technology – the initial cost of the 657 machine is much lower than laser-cutting machines, and the ongoing operating costs are lower than any other process.


    Punching Force 360kN 40 Tons
    Maximum Work Piece Thickness 12.7mm 0.500″
    X-axis Travel 1920mm 75.50″
    Y-axis Travel 1250mm 49.20″
    Positioning Accuracy ±1.12mm ±0.005″
    Maximum Work Piece Weight 222kg 500 lbs.
    Rapid Speed (per axis) 25.4M/min 1000 ipm
    Stroke Rate (25mm/1.00″ Centers
    in 3mm/.120″ Steel)
    80 strokes per minute
    Stroke Length 25.4mm 1.00″
    Maximum Punch Size 127mm 5.00″
    Tooling Style Whitney 28XX
    Available Plasma Cutting Systems Hypertherm HD130 (standard)
    Hypertherm HPR130 (optional)
    CNC Control Whitney

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