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Robotic Forming
Accurpress is the #1 manufacturer of hydraulic Press Brakes and CNC Press Brakes in North America with over 11,000 hydraulic press brakes produced and sold over the last 30 years. Accurpress offers the most comprehensive line of hydraulic press brakes of any current manufacturer. Accurpress offers two different design technologies: Servo Press Brakes and Hydra-Mechanical Press Brakes and four solutions to your bending needs: Accurpress Standard, Accurpress Advantage, Accurpress Edge and Accurpress Accell.

Accurpress has the answer to any bending question and a solution to any bending requirement. Whether it’s general forming or precision press brakes; manual or CNC press brakes, Accurpress is your answer! Accurpress is a complete system provider, designing and building the machines, controls, software, backgauge, and tooling. Accurpress offers off line 2-D and 3-D programming software that allows seamless integration of your bending, punching and cutting needs. The unique 3-D package allows for one step programming with different machine builders.

Accurpress offers advanced technology including: Proportional “servo” valves, robotic integration, ram repeatability down to +/-.0002”, high speed forming, material thickness and spring-back compensation and angle measurement systems.

Available tonnages range from 25 tons to 2000 tons with lengths up to 40 ft. Machine options include: Increased shut height and strokes, front support arms, sheet followers, special bed configurations, etc. Tooling options including: Crowning die holders, integrated CNC bed crowning and hydraulic tool clamping systems. Accurpress allows you to build your own press brake. Have it your way!

Accurpress hydraulic press brakes are engineered and manufactured to a high standard of lifetime durability and precision accuracy. Accurpress has a reputation of proven quality and reliability at a reasonable price, a great value!
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